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Jun 17, 2006

Jungle Fighting

It's funny where one finds inspiration. After a workplace skirmish erupted Friday morning (from which the team and I emerged to fight another day), I happened to read the following in a workplace manual of another sort, sent by a friend. That bell you hear is the ring of truth.

1. Fight to win. Use all your strength and cunning. Surprise and defeat your Enemy.
2. Learn your job. Then do it. Dangers and hardships can't stop a jungle soldier.
3. Use cover skillfully. The jungle is your friend.
4. Guard your health. Without health you are useless in the jungle.
5. Protect your arms and equipment. Never leave them. You can't live without them.
6. Keep calm. Keep silent. Keep mobile. Keep alive.
7. Make every shot count. Never fire blindly. Save ammunition.
8. Use team work. Do your part, especially when alone.
9. Never surrender. Withdraw into jungle cover. Or kill one more Enemy.
10. Strike where it hurts most, when it hurts most.
~~ CB

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