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May 18, 2010

Reader Feedback Survey

or... where we've been.

Many thanks for completing our survey -- as we hoped, we learned a lot.
We saw a nice participation from our Facebook page, and this was also as we had hoped. We claim 128 fans right now (in the new FB parlance, people who like us) but because you are not very active on the page itself, Facebook's metrics are not offering us much, except how much they would like us to advertise to you. 50% of you had been directed to the Finishing School by either Minchin or Bender, but we do not know you all, and we find that exciting and encouraging. It means that our original readers and contributors have spread the word and they told two friends....

40% of those who answered our survey are Facebook fans, some of whom may also fall into the 40% who have contributed to the Finishing School. Now you we know. Or sort of know, as we have new-found co-blog-eration since our summer relaunch.

Enthusiastic Hello to the reader who found us through an Internet search AND stuck around to take our survey. You humble us, friend, and we hope you contribute soon.

When we asked what you would like to see more of, as a group (did you meet without us?) you asked for 2 items above all else:
You want to see more humor, and you are looking for new ideas from this space.
We found this so intimidating, we declared Finishing School Summer Hours and went into hiding.

We do try to amuse. We understand there is enough dreary in the workplace, and we are glad to give you a break from that. New Ideas?? We love 'em. We hope you have some, too.

Here's one that came over the transom today:

The Time Is Money meeting calculator by Bring TIM.com
"Simply enter the number of people in the room, ballpark an average hourly wage, and press the illuminated start button. Everyone will be amazed as the dollars pile up with every second that ticks by. Bring TIM!® is the ultimate conversation piece and gift idea for anyone that attends long business meetings. Doubles as an office clock. Money back guarantee if you are not delighted! "

your turn.

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