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Dec 21, 2005

10 Great Working Woman Movies

an occasional list of diversions from the Faculty and Staff of the BWFS&SC

1. The Best of Everything
Indeed, the best of the best. And doesn't Hope look great in those wool suits?

2. Woman of the Year
There are a lot of Kate Hepburn at work movies. This is the queen.

3. Working Girl
The movie that taught us there is no sisterhood in the workplace.

4. 9 to 5
The movie that taught us there is.

5. Private Benjamin
Can a woman find her self-identity through her work? Even if it is in the Army?

6. The Apartment
Because Shirley MacLaine is the center of the panelled universe, moral-wise.

7. Designing Woman
Peck & Bacall? You're thinking, "I've never seen this!" Now you can.

8. Baby Boom
As deliciously 80's as a Bartyles & James. And don't we all think we could just move to Vermont and start a jam business?

9. His Girl Friday
What you think work will be like when you are 14.

10. All About Eve
What it is like.

11. Flashdance
Not really.

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