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Oct 12, 2009

Change is in the air

The Businesswomen's Finishing School and Social Club has been learning about the unemployment experience, most of it the hard way.  Your founders have both been personally touched by America's downsizing, and wish to pass that information along to you "what to expect" style.  (We considered "for Dummies" style, but don't you feel bad enough already?)

Beginning today, a continuing series on Caroline Bender's unemployment experience, with guest appearances by Miss Minchin, head-of-household.  Through this approach, we hope to cover both dependent and non-dependent issues, spouse and single impacts, mid-career/"older worker" information, and the breadth of view that you have come to expect from the BFS&SC.  But that's not all.....

In the coming months, you will also notice changes to the website itself.  We hope to introduce new features over the remainder of the year, and look forward to your feedback on expanded topic areas like personal finance, continuing education, employment law, non-traditional work structures, book and tools reviews, and more, while still providing the from-the-trenches advice you count on to enhance your career persona.

We'll be adding more interviews and guest posters, to help cover a wider range of experiences and disciplines, and connecting you to other resources for your research and development.

Finally, watch this space for an updated Blogroll and recommended reading through Amazon.

Class is now in session

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