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Jan 10, 2010

Female Power - Highlights from The Economist

Last week's Economist cover story, "Female Power," contained some statistics we thought you might find interesting.  We encouarge you to review the complete article in its online version, or in the North America print version, Jan 2-8, 2010.

49.9% of American workers are female
In 2009, the US workforce included 80% of college educated women; 46% of women with a high school diploma.
In 1963, 62% of college educated women were counted in the US workforce, and 47% of female high school graduates.

11% of senior management positions are held by women
>13% of corporate board seats are held by women
2% of Fortune 500 companies are headed by women

93% of women say they want to return to work after having children, but only 74% do.  40% of those return part-time.

Current Unemployment has hit men harder: 11.2% for men; 8.6% for women
The number of privately-held companies headed by women has increased twice as quickly as those headed by men.
Women-owned companies employ more people than the 500 largest companies.

Our student body and faculty represent several generations of working women, and includes those who fought to get in, fought to move up, fought to have it all, achieve balance, follow their bliss.  How do these stats represent you and your experience? 

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