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Nov 13, 2009

Weekly roundup 11-13-2009

Are you "Professional"?
This week on Career Rocketeer, one of the fastest growing career search, career development and personal branding blogs on the web today.  Founded by Chris Perry.  Additional services still under construction - check back often.

How do you lead when the news is all bad?
More resources for leaders in turbulent times.  As our resident manager explained this week, staying "on message" can be difficult when the message is hard to swallow.  Forbes contributor Susan Adams reinforces that honesty is still good policy.

Resume Red Flags
Work Coach Ronnie Ann Himmel responds to concerns about resume "red flags."
Work Coach Cafe specializes in the interview phase of your worklife, and includes several tip lists on interviewing, resume writing, and networks.  Ronnie Ann also published Zen and the Art of Being a Receptionist, which complements this week's post on the secretarial arts.

Top WebSites for Finding Freelance Work
As compiled by CEOWorld magazine

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